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Qi Gong Tui Na Treatment

Qi Gong Tui Na is a fundamental element to traditional Chinese medicine rarely taught to many people even in China.

Within all aspects of Chinese medical practice is the concept of Qi (chi) literally meaning “life force”. It is the flow of Qi which can influence the harmony within the physical and spiritual body.

Traditional Taoiist Healing Techniques...

Using traditional Taoist healing techniques, Qi Gong Tui Na helps to stimulate the movement of Qi and blood within the body, loosening muscles, reducing swelling, healing injuries to joints and bones, enhancing the function of internal organs, strengthening the nervous system and giving resistance to disease.

Qi gong Tui Na is a gentle and softer treatment compared to main stream medical Tui Na. When applied directly to acupuncture points and channels, or to specific areas of the body where a blockage has occurred, this subtle technique has the ability to create lasting change.

Deeply Relaxing...

This sought after style of treatment is deeply relaxing, working directly with the body’s energy by reducing physical and emotional blockages, often held within ourselves. This treatment moves you away from tension and pain, into softness and comfort, helping to re-educate the body to its natural healing pattern.

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Qi Gong Tui Na Treatment Pricing:

  • Price £50 (60 Minutes)
  • Clinic Shoreham-By-Sea


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