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Tui Na Chinese Massage Therapy

Developed specifically for healing, Tui Na (pronounced “Twee-Na”) is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. “Tui” means ‘to push’ and “Na” means ‘to grasp’ and is the name given to describe a complete body therapy at the root of traditional Chinese medical philosophy based on health and well being.

Most hospitals in China have specialised Tui Na departments, treating physical and emotional conditions ranging from musculoskeletal disorder, neurological dysfunction sports injury, exercise rehabilitation through to helping with depression and emotional trauma and internal disease.

Tui Na utilises the same energetic system used in acupuncture and treats without the use of needles.    A network of channels (Meridians), cover the entire body. Along these channels there are a large number of points which have shown to exert an important energetic influence.

By utilising a mixture of techniques including Acupressure, using finger, thumb, hand, arm and elbow movements, combined with rolling, Brushing, pressing, pushing, stroking and grasping techniques, the aim is to increase the flow of energy within the body and promote healing. Joint manipulation, gentle stretching and postural adjustment techniques make it an effective treatment for many conditions such as;

Advantages of Tui na


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Tui Na Chinese Massage Therapy:

  • Price £50 (60 Minutes)
  • Clinic Shoreham-By-Sea


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